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LD Swim

Ove wants to swim to Sark from Guernsey, which is between 9 and 10km swim depending on how the tide carries you and as you try to swim the shortest route. So to prepare for it built up our long open water swims and with kayak accompanyment, we could also practice taking on nutrition – carbohydrate drinks and gels as we went.

First a 5km swim from Portlet to L’Eree and back via Fort Grey and then this 2 laps of Grandes Harve, starting from Rousse on a high tide. On the first lap we could hug the coast and then as the tide started to drop so the second lap was a bit shorter than the first.

The result – more than 7km swum in 2 hours at a good steady pace, nutrition taken on and a feeling that you could go on for more.

Swimming to Sark needs the combination of the right tide and the right weather, together with a support crew including a boat and kayaker per swimmer. So now we wait for the right day and keep training.

Relive ‘Rousse 2xloops’

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