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Strength and Conditioning is an essential component at all developmental ages for athletes from junior through to masters. To help keep myself focused I join a week group session set and supervised by a specialist S&C coach Andy Perkins ( Even coaches need coaches.

Last week Andy kindly set us a 12 days of Christmas S&C session. Each “day” featured an exercise performed with reference to the ‘day’ of Christmas – Duration, quantity etc. Each day – or round consists of that’s day’s exercise and each of the preceding exercises, so each round got progressively longer.

Having been so impressed with it, I repeated the set, joined by my son Alex and one of the running / triathlon squad Dan and his brother & fellow runner Sammy. We performed it without additional rest taking just over 46minutes.

The Exercises

1 Minute of plank
2 Squat jumps
3 Pull ups
4 Inverted row
5 Slam balls
6 Reverse crunches
7 Hot Salsa’s (7 lunge/steps each side)
8 Ab crunch with band
9 Hip Thrusts
10 Deadlifts
11 Side bends (each side)
12 Single leg burpees – Each leg

Universally, everyone hated the single leg burpees as the legs were so dead by the end of the session.

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