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January 2024 : Presently the roster is full for the 2024 season – sorry to disappoint. If you wish to join the wait list then please contact me via the contact form.

As a life-long athlete and a coach with more than 20 year’s experience, helping people become the best athlete that they can be is my goal. Whether you want to improve your 5 or 10k run time, finish an IronMan triathlon, or even just complete your first Sprint Tri, I am here to help you on your journey. Some may aspire to enjoying the local scene, others may aspire to represent on the national or international stage. Whatever your level and aspiration I have the skills, knowledge and in depth experience.

Now I am able to dedicate more of my time to athlete coaching, the roster is open to take on a strictly limited number of additional athletes that I can work with on a one to one basis.

I have a simple approach of listening to the athlete and establishing their goals and understanding the constraints. Then by providing personal attention, a tailored and structured training program, we work together towards those goals. Scheduled regular review and feedback sessions are part of the packages, which include data driven analysis through technology platforms including Training Peaks and Garmin Connect.

I have assembled three primary coaching packages aligned to the differing needs that you may have as a runner, triathlete or perhaps as who someone is new to the sport and need more general guidance on your fitness journey.

My preference is to work with Guernsey based athletes as we can meet face to face, I can see you train and compete, and also it gives you the opportunity to join in our group sessions.

The Plans


Triathlete : £130 / month
Runner : £100 / month

Is this me?

Goal Setting​ : Short, Medium & Long

Monthly training plan based on goals​

Includes up to 2 x 20min video calls per month – Plan / Feedback / Refine

Data driven analysis – Garmin Connect / Training Peaks​

Instant messaging

Zwift custom sessions​


Triathlete : £100 / month
Runner : £70 / month

Is this me?

Goal Setting​ : Short & Medium

Monthly training plan based on goals​

Includes up to 1 x 20min video call per month – Plan / Feedback / Refine

Data driven analysis – Garmin Connect / Training Peaks​

Instant messaging

Zwift custom sessions


Price on Application
From £75 / month

Is this me?

A package tailored to your needs, whether you are new to the sport and want to get through your first season of triathlon, or maybe it’s your first marathon, ultra race, or you are taking on a different challenge.

It will also suit more casual runners and triathletes who just need a bit of guidance and direction.

Whatever that challenge is, your needs will probably be unique and I can tailor a package to suit your needs and budget.

In addition to the above, all athletes will benefit from, the following:

Access to group sessions – Swim, bike & run.

Access to purchase exclusive team kit.

Priority access & Team Member rate for special events – focus days.

Priority access & Team Member rate to one on one sessions including run and swim technique analysis.

Priority invitation to the annual Trackies Awards Evening.

I have questions before I apply ?

Application to join starts with an initial free consultation to discus your specific needs and determine which plan will best suit your needs. So don’t hesitate just drop me a note through any of the Apply buttons above to start the journey.

What type of athlete am I?

The following statements might help you decide which plan will best suit your needs.

Performance Athlete

  • You are highly driven by your goals and the results you achieve​
  • You make a serious commitment to your sport, other things in life give way for training & racing​.
  • You want to be the best athlete you can be, and are focussed on achievement.
  • You will plan your year & trips around the races and events you want to take part in​.
  • You plan your day and week around your training routine first​.
  • You invest in the best kit you can justify​,
  • You are a high performer whether locally, or targeting Age Group competitions, Island representation – e.g Island Games​.
  • Age is not a factor – it’s your approach and commitment that sets you apart.

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Club Athlete

  • You are a committed athlete, primarily focused on participation in local events, having fun and achieving your own personal goals – e.g. sub 40mins for 10km…​
  • You want to perform well, but sport fits in around other things in your life – work, family, children. You compete on your own terms, within your constraints.
  • You identify as a triathlete or runner and this is the dominant activity in your life outside of family & work ​
  • You like to plan 1 or 2 social sport trips away to races or events as part of a club group​.
  • You probably finish races in the middle of the pack but hope you can move up, or beat a friendly rival…​
  • You really enjoy the fun and community aspect of training and racing.​
  • You are very competent at your sport, but you feel there is scope for improvement, even if you feel you are not as gifted as the Performance Athletes ​.
  • You want to change random training for a structured training plan and have guidance in order to improve your performance and results against peers and the goals you set.

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Healthy Life & Adventure

  • You desire and live a healthy and active lifestyle, you​ might have a background across many sports and outdoor activities, or you might have been re-inventing yourself into the new you.
  • You might be new to your chosen activity – running or triathlon and you want advice & guidance as you make your first serious steps​.
  • You might be a more casual runner or triathlete, but you just want some guidance and direction.
  • Right now, you are not competition focused, but this is not to be mistaken for lacking competitiveness​ – you may be fiercely competitive, if only with yourself and your own goals.
  • You might be attempting a bucket list challenge – e.g. Finish an IronMan, swim to Herm, run an Ultra and need help as this is a big step up from what you presently do.​
  • You are generally driven and strongly motivated.​
  • You might value fun and community in what you want to do, though if you want to keep the journey to yourself, then that’s fine too​. This is about your journey.

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