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Code of Conduct

Athlete safety is a paramount consideration at all times and this has multiple dimensions concerning the individual, the people you may be training or participating alongside of, and also members of the public.

When participating in any organisied sessions it is essential that all athletes abide by any specific safety instructions provided by a coach, session leader or any designated safety official / appropriate person, in addition to applying general common sense. The following Code of Conduct provides some basic guidelines that should always be considered. Refusing to follow safety instructions or abiding by the Code of Conduct may result in an athlete being asked to leave a session or event and may also lead to the the termination of Coaching Services.

The Code of Conduct provides points that are general safety considerations that apply equally when training alone or with others. The list is illustrative of key points and should not be considered a definitive list.

Code of Conduct

General : To conduct oneself in a safety conscious manner in respect of themselves and also not to endanger others at all times.

This would include but not be limited to:

Wearing a cycling helmet whilst cycling;

Abiding by the rules of the road whilst cycling;

Not to ride erratically or make sudden movements, particularly in group riding situations;

Bring appropriate spares (e.g. inner tubes, pumps, multi tool) so one can be reasonably self reliant;

Wearing high visibility clothing whilst training at times of darkness – particularly if running in unlit areas;

Avoid swimming in open water alone, or without a spotter, particularly when swimming any distance from shore;

Consider use of swimmer visibility tow buoys in open water situations;

Follow instructions of lifeguards and other designated safety officials at events, public swimming venues and the like;

Always consider weather forecasts, changing tides and other factors and plan accordingly – e.g. take a rain jacket when cycling if rain is forecast.

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