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Breakfast Muffins

One of the things I have been paying attention to in my diet more recently is increasing the amount of protein I eat. This is especially important as I age an maintaining muscle mass will become an increasing challenge whilst we have also chosen to reduce the amount of meat we eat. With eating 5 lunches a week and 3 breakfasts away from home, finding convenient and wholesome protein rich foods is quite a challenge.

A recent find at my local Waitrose supermarket was one of their recipe cards which they display at the checkout. These breakfast muffins are a savoury accompaniment to my usual porridge (with peanut butter). Combining Greek yogurt, feta cheese, spinach, cayenne pepper and English mustard they make a pleasant change to the usual sweet muffins we find at the local shop.

I make batches of 12 and freeze the ones I don’t need immediately.

Full recipe is here on the Waitrose website.

My adaptions are to use normal plain flour and Greek Yogurt which has a higher protein content.

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