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2023 Track352 Awards

An annual awards ceremony – also known as our Christmas bash where Coach Rowe recognises the achievements amongst the athletes in the training group.*

Athlete of the Year 2023

Criteria : AotY is a judged award & not solely about recognising winners, podium places at the sharp end of races, but as much about recognising the progression athletes have made, reaching and beating goals, turning round difficult situations.

Winner : Amy Critchlow

“It gave me a lot of pleasure to recognise the winner this year.  What I saw throughout the year was someone who set about their training with a renewed sense of purpose and application.  These were the signs of someone who wanted to seize the moment and take the opportunity.

Whilst Josh (Lewis) and Megan (Chapple) were taking the headlines on that sunny day in the Island Games at Rocquaine, it was Amy who, in my opinion, had pulled off one the best individual performances of the day in landing bronze medal.  Not only did she have the weight of pressure of her individual performance in the race, but also as co-organiser of the event, she carried an enormous burden on the day and still delivered a stunning race performance.

It was also fitting that after 5th in 2017 , 4th in 2019 it was a podium place in 2023, showing that it was also one of her career best performances.”

The Viking Helmet award

Inspired by our resident Dane (Viking), Ove Svejstrup and his motivational “Come on!” yell, that makes us all jump!

Criteria : Awarded to an athlete who shows true grit and dogged determination, not to give up in the face of adversity, to always give their absolute best.

Winner : Ove Svejstrup, Island Games Triathlon

“This year, the trophy is coming home.   When we see a cyclist crash on TV and lie on the ground holding their shoulder, mostly they give in.  Sometimes the cyclist winces with pain and tries and get back on the bike.  But not for Ove, despite a double break to his collarbone, he somehow re-mounted his bike, rode down the hill and past transition before realising it was impossible to continue. He tried everything to finish that race, he was heartbroken and crushed, but once the medics had assessed him, he went out on the course to cheer the team on.  What an athlete and team mate!”

* Footnote – The athlete does not have to be directly coached by Coach Rowe, but is drawn from those athletes in the training group.

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